Project 5

Plan for Advanced Technology Data Readiness

Focus: Identification of CAV data needed by public agencies and maps such data to agency use cases for an NCDOT-specific data readiness framework

PI: Dr. Srinivas Pulugurtha, UNC Charlotte

Project Description: Advanced transportation technologies offer many benefits to transportation customers; however, they can also complicate data-specific tasks such as crash analysis, vehicle registration, tracking and revenue. Moreover, because connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) may have different requirements on infrastructure, there may also be new data requirements on land use and the built environment. It is beneficial, therefore, to understand how the data requirements for CAVs differ from traditional vehicles prior to deployment.

The goal of this proposed effort is to develop an NCDOT-specific framework for data readiness by (1) identifying the CAV-specific data NC public agencies need and (2) mapping the data to public agency use cases. Because “data” is a broad term, the team will analyze CAV data according to four categories, including vehicle, infrastructure, crash, and public impression data.

Research Impact: The products resulting from this effort include a draft model data readiness plan summarizing best practices for CAV data collection and tracking and a recommended framework for data readiness, developed in cooperation with NCDOT. The results of the analysis will be used to develop a framework for data readiness that can be used by NCDOT to set priorities for CAV deployment, which will be shared with the NC Fully Autonomous Vehicle Committee’s (FAVC) Operations Working Group.